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The DeCypher enterprise biocomputing system combines bioinformatics applications with high throughput FPGA accerator hardware to achieve an ideal blend of accuracy, performance and value. It can be used for Tera-BLAST, Smith-Waterman, HMM analysis, GeneDetective and Tera-Probe searches.

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To run this software interactively in a Linux environment run the commands:
module load decypher
dc_run -parameters [PARAMETERFILE]

Other DeCypher utilities and templates may be found in the directories


where VER is the version of DeCypher you are using.  To get help with a specific command, use the -help option, e.g..

dc_run -help
The default DeCypher server is goldeneye. If you want to use mallard, in your home directory, create a .dcrc file with
or add
-server mallard
to your command line options.  
To use the DeCypher web interface you will need to login into either of the following servers:
Note that these servers are only accessible through the MSI network.  For remote access, you may connect via an NX session (recommended) or a Remote Desktop connection.  Once connected you can open a web browser and log into one of the servers listed above.
Note: The databases on the servers will be deleted if more than three years old.
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