Expressionist has been discontinued, it is no longer accessible via MSI. If you need assistance please contact MSI,


GeneData Expressionist is a comprehensive microarray data analysis system. It consists of several closely integrated modules.

You need an Expressionist account to access this software. Send account request to Software web URL is accessible only inside University of Minnesota network. You may need to disable your computer's firewall in order to run the application.

Via Internet Explorer on the Windows Xen Citrix through remote desktop or citrix.Via Internet Explorer on your local machine which has installed Java 1.6 or higher.There are 10 concurrent Analyst licenses available. After completion of your analysis, please save and exit your sessions before logging out of Xen. This will release the licenses for other users to use Analyst.

For additional information

Home page:

User manual: User Manual is available when you log into Expressionist at the University of Minnesota.

Please note that the new version of Expressionist (version 7.6) requires Java 7 on client computers.  If it is not available, the user will be prompted to download and install it. 

Also see release notes for the newest version that are available on your internal Expressionist webpage.

For use on Windows systems, first connect to the Windows systems following the instructions on the Windows Systems webpage.

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