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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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From the software web site:

Although there are a large number of programs in this package, they belong to three groups: (1) Traditional similarity searching programs: fasta36, fastx36, fasty36, tfastx36,tfasty36, ssearch36, ggsearch36, and glsearch36; (2) Programs for searching with short fragments: fasts36, fastf36, tfasts36, tfastf36, and fastm36; (3) A program for finding non-overlapping local align- ments: lalign36. Programs that start with fast search protein databases, while tfast programs search translated DNA databases. Table I gives a brief description of the programs.

In addition, there are several programs included. map db is used to index FASTA format se- quence databases for more efficient scanning. lav2ps and lav2svg plot the .lav files produced by lalign -m 11 as postscript (lav2ps) or SVG (lav2svg) output. 


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