FLUENT uses a finite volume numerical procedure to solve the differential equations governing fluid flow, as well as conservation of energy and chemical species therein. Both compressible and incompressible flows can be modeled, as can turbulence by way of the k-e turbulence model.

FLUENT is part of the ANSYS suite of software, and can be run either directly from the command line or under the ANSYS workbench. To run FLUENT in the ANSYS workbench see documentation for ANSYS. MSI has leased ANSYS Academic Research licenses. The default licenses are commercial. Before running FLUENT you will need to set licence preferences through the ANSYS workbench. Start the workbench with

   module load ansys


Then open the "License Preferences" menu (under the Tools pull-down) and select "Use Academic Licenses" in the "Global Settings" section under the Solver tab. Then click OK and close the workbench.


ANSYS 13 is installed on Itasca. From the command line, FLUENT may be run with or without a graphical user interface (GUI). To run a 3D problem through FLUENT's GUI

   module load ansys

   fluent 3d

To run a 3D problem with no GUI, using an in input script

    module load ansys

    fluent 3d -g < run.in

Example PBS script for running in parallel on 16 cores across two compute nodes for one hour

    #!/bin/bash -l

    #PBS -l walltime=01:00:00,pmem=1750mb,nodes=2:ppn=8

    #PBS -j oe


    module load ansys


    fluent 3d -t16 -ssh -pinfiniband -mpi=hp -cnf=$PBS_NODEFILE -g < run.in

If this script is in the file fluent_job.pbs, submit to the PBS batch queue with

    qsub fluent_job.pbs


ANSYS 12 is installed in these labs. To run a 3D problem using the FLUENT GUI

   module load ansys

   fluent 3d

To run a 3D problem with no GUI, using in input script, use

   module load ansys

   fluent 3d -g < run.in


FLUENT Tutorials are available at

   ANSYS 12 Tutorials

These include video tutorials demonstrating the new ANSYS workbench environment, as well as the comprehensive user guides and detailed tutorials in HTML and PDF formats.

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