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Gaussian performs semiempirical and ab initio molecular orbital (MO), density functional, and molecular mechanics calculations.

To use this program at MSI, please send a request to and ask to be added to the Gaussian group. To use Gaussian 09, you need to be a researcher at the Twin Cities campus. 

SW Documentation: 

To run this software interactively in a Linux environment run the commands:

module load gaussian/g03
qg03 [options] input_file

For a list of options use the command:

qg03 -h

To load and start Gaussian 09 use the commands:

module load gaussian
qg09 [options] input_file

For a list of options use the command:

qg09 -h

If you encounter the error: "qg09: Command not found.", or something similar, you are probably not part of the Gaussian or Gaussian09 Group.  Please contact with a request to be added.

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