The versions of AMPL and CPLEX described on this page have been superseded by the newer version of AMPL and related solvers which is described here.

ILOG Solver is ILOG's constraint-based optimization engine. A core engine of the ILOG Optimization Suite, this software component provides cutting-edge optimization technology for powering scheduling, sequencing, timetabling, configuration, dispatching and resource-allocation applications with logical constraints.

AMPL is a comprehensive, powerful and flexible algebraic modeling language for the linear, nonlinear and integer programming problems often encountered in optimization. AMPL CPLEX System, combines the AMPL modeling language with the ILOG CPLEX Simplex Optimizers.

CPLEX is a tool for solving linear optimization problems, otherwise known as linear programs. CPLEX provides the user with several solving techniques including the primal simplex method, dual simplex method, network simplex method, barrier method, and mixed integer method.


NB: The MSI license for this software has expried. We are evaluating a renewal.

To run this software interactively in a Linux environment run the commands:

module load ilog  





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