DNASTAR Lasergene Core Suite (DEPRECATED - Will be removed 1/26/2018)

NOTE:  MSI has discontinued its support of Lasergene software, and will be uninstalling it from all systems on January 26, 2018.  MSI understands that you may have questions about this decision, which we have attempted to answer below.


Why has MSI discontinued Lasergene support?
The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute seeks to provide researchers at the University of Minnesota access to high-performance computing resources and user support to facilitate successful and innovative research in all disciplines. While MSI recognizes that Lasergene is an important tool for many biology labs on campus it is meant to be used in a personal computing environment, it does not need substantial computing power and duplicates the functionality of many of the free open source packages that we host.


What if I need the newest version of Lasergene?

Lasergene can be purchased directly from  Lasergene, Inc via their website: https://www.dnastar.com/.

DNASTAR is in the process of negotiating a term license that would cost $600/year for all their local client based tools if there is sufficient interest.  Please contact brian@dnastar.com for more information.  


Will Lasergene continue to be accessible?
As of 1/26/2018 Lasergene is no longer accessible through MSI.

What is replacing Lasergene?
MSI is not purchasing a specific replacement for the Lasergene software. However, much of the functionality that Lasergene supplies is present in open source, industry standard tools such as GATK, IGV and BWA/Bowtie.



Please contact us if you have additional questions at help@msi.umn.edu.


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Lasergene Core Suite is a comprehensive DNA, RNA, and protein sequence analysis software suite comprised of ten applications which include functions ranging from sequence assembly and SNP detection, to automated virtual cloning and primer design, to creating publication-quality illustrations of your genome.

How to Access Software

To access this software connect to the Windows systems following the instructions on the How do I connect to a Citrix Windows Virtual Machine? page. The software can be found under Start->All programs->DNASTAR Lasergene10 Core Suite.

How to Use the Software

Full documentation is available once you launch any of the programs by selecting the help menu in the top toolbar.

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