Matlab is a high level technical computing language and interactive environment for data visualization, data analysis, numerical computation, and algorithm development.

To run this software interactively in a Linux environment run the commands:

module load matlab

Several versions of Matlab are available, but the versions may be different on different platforms.To list all versions of Matlab available on the machine, type

module avail matlab

When running on the elmob nodes use this module instead:

module load matlab/R2010b

Matlab programs can be submitted to a queue using PBS script such as the one below. 

#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=1,mem=1gb,walltime=4:00:00
#PBS -m abe
cd /location/of/the/script
module load matlab
matlab -nodisplay -r "maxNumCompThreads(1)" < my.m

where maxNumCompThreads(1) sets one thread (or one core) for running my.m (the matlab job). The number of threads can have a value up to the number of cores in that node.   The variable maxNumCompThreads must be specified. Otherwise, the job will request twice as many cores as there are available on a computing node. This can cause problems for all jobs running on the same node.

To run this software under Windows, connect using instruction provided in our Windows systems page.  Once logged in, navigate to

Start  > All Programs  > MATLAB   > R$VERSION  > MATLAB R$VERSION

$VERSION is the version number for the Matlab installation.  If you need to run long or memory-intensive jobs, use Matlab on Linux instead.

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