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Mimics is useful for visualization and segmentation of CT / MR images and 3D rendering of objects. It also provides an interface to create FEM meshes.
MSI currently has the following modules
  • Mimics basic - Allows segmentation, registration and measurement on 3D object
  • STL+ - Allows creation of 3D object for rapid prototyping
  • FEM - Add material property, create FEM mesh and export files to standard FEM packages
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To run this software under Windows, connect using instruction provided in our Windows systems page.  Once logged in, navigate to

Start > All Programs > Materialise Software > Mimics x64 15.01 > Mimics

Mimics is currently installed on a Windows PC (pc7.msi.umn.edu) located in SDVL at Room 585 Walter Library. Mimcs users must be added to an access list.  Email help@msi.umn.edu to request your name be added.  Once an user is added to the list, he/she can reserve time on PC7 to use Mimics using this calendar and the following instruction.  Reservations can be made in this calendar if you have an UMN Google account.  If you do not have an UMN email accounts, send an email to help@msi.umn.edu with a subject such as 'Add reservations to Mimics calendar'. 

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