Mimics is useful for visualization and segmentation of CT / MR images and 3D rendering of objects. It also provides an interface to create FEM meshes.
MSI currently has the following modules
  • Mimics basic - Allows segmentation, registration and measurement on 3D object
  • STL+ - Allows creation of 3D object for rapid prototyping
  • FEM - Add material property, create FEM mesh and export files to standard FEM packages


To run this software under Windows, connect using instructions provided in our Windows systems page.  Once logged in, navigate to

Start > All Programs > Materialise Software > Mimics x64 15.01 > Mimics

We only have two Mimics licenses. To use Mimics we ask that you reserve time on one the Mimics calendars, calendar one or calendar two using these instructions.  Reservations can be made on a calendar if you have a UMN Google account.  If you have problems, send an email to help@msi.umn.edu with a subject such as 'Add reservations to Mimics calendars'.

Running Mimics
Mimics is installed on our Citrix server. Follow the instructions for connecting with Citrix. Select the GPU node. You should see a Windows desktop. It may take a minute to come up. From there you should be able to run Mimics. Let us know if you feel the performance is too slow, there are things we can do to improve that.
We know of the following issues – none of them are show-stoppers, but people should be aware of them:
  • Mimics and 3-Matic may take several minutes to launch, but will start up successfully, given time.
  • When launching 3-Matic, a warning will pop up about a crash report directory. The program will launch normally after clicking OK.
  • Opening the Mimics ‘Options’ window for the first time will cause the program to hang for a minute or two before the window appears.
  • Mimics defaults to using the folder C:\MedData for projects. There is some example data in there to play with, but please save projects to your U: or G: drives, as C: drive space is limited, and files on the C: drive are not guaranteed to be preserved after logout.
  • If all licenses are in use, Mimics will go straight to a screen asking to configure a new license. If this happens, click “Cancel”.
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