OpenFOAM is an open source software package which is designed to scale well on large distributed memory systems. While originally written for CFD, with it's open source strategy and a large user base OpenFOAM has grown to be a general purpose finite element toolbox.

OpenFOAM v171 is available on Itasca. Several working examples are posted, which illustrate how to run serially, in parallel interactively, and in parallel in the PBS queue. These examples are completely self contained and may be run by simply sourcing a single file. Each one creates it's own run directory into which it copies all inputs, sets the run environment, generates the mesh, does the domain decomposition (for parallel runs), runs ecoFoam (serially, in parallel, or in the PBS queue as appropriate), and merges output (from parallel runs). All these examples are extremely small (~1.3 MB) and run very fast (a few seconds). Hence you can run them in your home directory or on /lustre with no problems. All example scripts and data for these test cases are posted in

To run any of these test cases, just paste one of these lines to your bash shell command prompt on Itasca:

    source /soft/openfoam/v171/test_cases/run_parallel_cavity_small_interactive

    source /soft/openfoam/v171/test_cases/run_parallel_cavity_small_pbs

    source /soft/openfoam/v171/test_cases/run_serial_cavity_quite

    source /soft/openfoam/v171/test_cases/run_serial_cavity_verbose

You can copy any of these scripts to adapt to your simulations. To reproduce the OpenFOAM environment for interactive work, paste this line into your bash shell command prompt on Itasca: 

    source /soft/openfoam/v171/set_foam_env
For extensive documentation on OpenFOAM, including detailed descriptions of the many tutorials that came with the install, see the main OpenFOAM web site:


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