PICRUSt - Phylogenetic Investigation of Communities by Reconstruction of Unobserved States

PICRUSt (pronounced “pie crust”) is a bioinformatics software package designed to predict metagenome functional content from marker gene (e.g., 16S rRNA) surveys and full genomes.

PICRUSt primarily consists of two workflows: gene content inference (detailed in Genome Prediction Tutorial) and metagenome inference (detailed in Metagenome Prediction Tutorial). Users working with 16S data can use pre-computed gene content information, and as a result don’t need to be concerned with the gene content inference workflow. The following sections describe these workflows. Each section links to detailed tutorials that illustrate the exact commands that can be applied as well as example data that you can use to test and learn PICRUSt.

Detailed information can be found at http://picrust.github.io/picrust/

PICRUSt is available as a module load.

module load picrust

All dependencies are loaded and environment variables are set.

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