Note: MSI's SAS license will permanently expire on 10/29/17, after which the software will no longer be available.


SAS is a scalable, integrated software environment and a flexible and extensible programming language designed for data access, data manipulation, and data analysis. It offers data management and predictive analytic capabilities, data mining process, drug discovery solutions, and much more.

To run this software  in a Linux environment run the commands:

ssh -X

If memory is critical to your SAS program, SAS provides the following system options to optimize memory usage.

MEMSIZE: This option specifies the total amount of memory that is available to each SAS session.   
REALMEMSIZE: This option sets a recommended upper limit on how much real memory your SAS program can allocate. "The REALMEMSIZE option should never be set beyond the amount  of real memory. If the amount of real memory is insufficient  for a job to run, then setting the MEMSIZE option beyond   the real memory might enable the job to run using a combination   of real and virtual memory." -- from SAS Web site.   See the links below.   
SORTSIZE: This option allocates the amount the memory that is available to the SORT procedure.   
SUMSIZE: This option specifies a limit on the amount of memory that is available for data summarization procedures.   
MVARSIZE: This option specifies the maximum size for in-memory macro variables.   
MEXECSIZE: This option specifies the maximum macro size that can be executed in memory.   
MSYMTABMAX: This option specifies the maximum amount of memory available to the macro variable symbol table or tables.     

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