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Schrödinger provides a complete suite of software solutions with the latest advances in pharmaceutical research and computational chemistry. These software are all available under Maestro, Schrödinger's single common graphical user interface that provides a powerful, fully-integrated molecular visualization and analysis environment. Schrödinger is widely recognized as a scientific leader in developing state-of-the-art chemical simulation software for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research. The company's products range from general molecular modeling programs to a full-featured suite of drug design software including both ligand and structure based methods.
Schrödinger uses Maestro, a common graphical user interface to all of Schrödinger's software.
To run this software interactively in a Linux environment use the commands:
module load schrodinger
On a remote (ssh or NX) connection, use maestro's -SGL option for better graphics performance:
maestro -SGL

It is also possible to run maestro using our NICE remote-visualization systems for better performance than is possible on other remote connections. Establish a NICE connection as described in our NICE documentation, and then run the following commands in a terminal window inside the NICE session:

module load schrodinger

To run this software under Windows, connect using instructions provided on our Windows systems page. Once logged in, navigate to:

Start > All Programs > Schrodinger-2013-$VERSION

$VERSION is the version number of the Schrodinger installation.

Additional Information

Home Page
Documentation can be found in the help menu in Maestro. See Help > Manual Index to access Schrodinger's library of tutorials and technical documentation.


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