Sequencher - DNA software for sequencing

Sequencher DNA software for sequencing works including contig assembly, editing, restriction enzyme mapping, heterozygote detection, cDNA to genomic DNA large gap alignment, ORF, motif and SNP analysis

On MSI Windows Servers

Connect to the Windows systems following the instructions on the Windows Systems webpage.

The software can be located under

Start -> All programs -> Gene Codes -> Sequencher

Personal computers

Sequencher is available for use on MSI users' computers that are within the UMN network. You will need to download the software and and license client.

Windows: Sequencher 4.10.1

Mac: Sequencher 5.0.1,Sequencher 4.10.1

License client: Sassafras K2

Set the host to '' for the license client. You will need to have your IP address (if you have a static IP) or computer information (if you have a dynamic IP) added to our whitelist. Please call us (612-626-0802) with the computer in front of you or email your static IP address to be added to the whitelist. Contact with questions/requests for installation assistance.


License key server is It is only accessible from within the University of Minnesota network. There are 4 licenses each for Windows and Mac. Please close the program when you are finished so your license seat is freed for other users.

The program will run in demo mode if all license seats are in use.

A tutorial and manual are available when you access the program.


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