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TIBCO Spotfire is no longer offered at MSI



Spotfire is an interactive, visual data analytics application for any numeric data including microarray data analysis. It is a client-server system. The client is installed on MSI machine or user local machine, and the server is on the spotfire company side. Spotfire was built with many modules. MSI purchased the following three modules: DecisionSite is used for data analysis; DecisionSite for Functional Genomics provides a wide range of genoimc data access including flat files, databases, and web resources for gene isolation, normalization, clustering, treatment comparsion, profile searching, and PCA analysis; DecisionSite Statistics provides a set of easy-to-use tools to analysze and act on information contained within large, multivariate data sets.


To run this software under Windows, connect using instructions provided on our Windows systems page. Once logged in, navigate to:

Start > All Programs > Spotfire > DecisonSite

Type user name and password or click "New user".

Spotfire needs to be allowed to place cookies in your browser for full functionality; the site to allow is

For additional information

The user manual and doc are in the help menu of the program.


Known Problems/Errors

If you launch Spotfire DecisionSite and you see this same error (below), please contact and we will reconfigure your account to properly load the software.

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