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With S+, statisticians and statistical programmers can apply, prototype and deploy statistical models and predictive analytics up to five times faster than with competing modeling environments. S+ is the only commercially-supported statistical analysis software that delivers a cross-platform IDE for the award-winning S programming language, the ability to analyze gigabyte class data sets on the desktop, and a package system for sharing, reuse and deployment of analytics in the enterprise and in validated environments.

S+ also integrates with TIBCO Spotfire through TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services, enabling the creation of powerful analytic applications which leverage the power of S+ and R’s statistics combined with the interactive visualization of TIBCO Spotfire.

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To run this software under Windows, connect using instructions provided on our Windows systems page. Once logged in, navigate to:

Start -> All Programs -> TIBCO -> TIBCO Spotfire S+ 8.2 (64 bit)

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