USEARCH is a unique sequence analysis tool with thousands of users world-wide. USEARCH offers search and clustering algorithms that are often orders of magnitude faster than BLAST.

USEARCH can be loaded for use in an interactive Linux environment via:

module load usearch


MSI also provides access to a 64-bit version of USEARCH for use when the free 32-bit version is insufficient. Our license permits a single USEARCH64 process to be in use at any time. Therefore, access to USEARCH64 is scheduled using the following calendar:

USEARCH64 Calendar

Users must also request access to the USEARCH64 group in order to use this software. Email to request access to this group.

Please do not attempt to circumvent the calendar system, or run more than a single USEARCH64 process at one time. Users found circumventing the single-process rule will be banned from using MSI's USEARCH64 license.


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