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Volocity is an interactive volume visualization system for time-resolved biomedical image data.. It includes tools for:

  • Fast and highly interactive volume exploration in 3D and 4D.
  • Export and publication of 3D images and data in standard file formats.
  • Volume rendering
  • Object classification, measurement and tracking in all dimensions.
  • Measurements from multiple channels for channel comparison and colocalization.
  • High quality restoration of confocal and wide field microscope images.
  • Animation template creation for prototypes
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After using Remote Desktop to connect to the Windows application server iron.msi.umn.edu, launch Volocity (version 5.4.1) from the Start menu. Once started, a login dialog will appear to enter your MSI username and password. Contact help@msi.umn.edu to be added to the authorized user list.

For documentation, visit the website, http://www.improvision.com/support/guides/

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