VolView is an intuitive, interactive system for volume visualization that allows researchers to quickly explore and analyze complex 3D medical or scientific data on a standard PC. Users can easily generate informative images and navigate the data for further analysis. 3D tools include composite and MIP volume rendering, contouring, cropping, and oblique reformatting. Segmentation can be performed, and resulting structures can be analyzed using distance, angle, surface area and volume measurement tools. Polygonal surface models can be exported for rapid prototyping. Data exploration is enhanced through tools such as filtering, contours, measurements, histograms, animation, and annotation.

To run this software interactively in a Linux environment use the commands:

module load volview

To run this software under Windows connect via remote desktop to a Windows Application Server and navigate to:

Start  > All Programs  > Volview 3.4 > Volview
Product Documentation for VolView is installed with the product.
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