Research News


Wine made from Itasca, a cold-hardy grape developed by researchers at the University of Minnesota is available for the first time this year.

Brain Science

MSI PI Alik Widge (assistant professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences) is the principal investigator on a new $6.6 mill


A new research institute aimed at discovering how biological variation influences ecosystem and biosphere dynamics launched this month.


Two MSI PIs in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering have been studying the water systems in University of Minnesota Twin Cities buildi


MSI PI Suo Yang (associate professor, Mechanical Engineering) is studying how coronavirus travels through the lungs.

Two MSI PIs are leading a project to create systems that use food waste to create heat, energy, and fertilizer.


Two MSI PIs from the School of Public Health (SPH), Professors Baolin Wu (

Ecology and Environment

The Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology, a multi-institutional research center, has received a five-year, $20M grant from the National Science Foundation t