Research News


MSI PI Linda Kinkel (professor, Plant Pathology) is the chief scie

Ecology and Environment

MSI PI Jeannine Cavender-Bares (professor, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior) is featured in on the OVPR Inq

Big Data Science

The University of Minnesota is part of a climate modeling center that aims to improve climate modeling and prepare for the disruptions that will occur as the climate changes.


MSI PI Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari (professor, Pediatrics; Director,

Spatial Computing

U-Spatial has named the winners for their 2021 Mapping Prizes.


MSI PI Sophia Yohe (associate professor, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology) is a co-investigator on a clinical trial that aims


Research by MSI PIs Donald Wyse (professor, Agronomy and Plant Ge

Veterinary Medicine

Mastitis, an infection of mammary tissue, is a serious problem in dairy cows, requiring the use of antibiotics.