Research News


Research by MSI PI Jennifer Powers (professor, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior) in Costa Rica’s dry forests is featured in a rec

Brain Science

The University of Minnesota has been awarded a $16M grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurote

The Technology Commercialization office has compiled a list of U of M researchers who were awarded U.S. patents in 2022. Many of these patents were awarded to MSI PIs.

Research Computing, MSI’s parent organization, has Graduate Assistantships and Seed Grants available for U of M researchers.

Ecology and Environment

Anyone living in Minnesota over the past decades is familiar with Dutch elm disease and the emerald ash borer, two pathogens that have caused a huge impact on local trees.


In recently published research, three MSI PIs and their colleagues have synthesized a topological semimetal that, while using less energy than current materials, is able to generate more computing