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Three MSI Principal Investigators are among the faculty members featured in a special report by the College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resources Sciences

Four of the spring semester’s Grand Challenge courses are being taught by MSI Principal Investigators.


MSI Principal Investigator Hideki Aihara and Zhiqi Yin and Ke Shi (both members of the Aihara MSI research group) hav

Ecology and Environment

MSI Principal Investigator Jason Hill (an associate professor in the Department of Biopr


MSI Principal Investigator Mike Smanski, an associate professor in the

Ecology and Environment

A new project at the Institute on the Environment, called “Informed water management: Mapping scarcity, threats, and values,” will study Minnesota water sup

Ecology and Environment

A recent study by NASA and the National Science Foundation concluded that lakes are warming faster than the oceans, and that Lake Sup