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The research of MSI PI Linda Kinkel (professor, Plant Pathology) was featured on Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) recently.


MSI PIs Melania Figueroa (assistant professor, Plant Pathology) and Jim Bradeen (professor and

Ecology and Environment

MSI PI Forest Isbell (Ecology, Evolution and Behavior) is the lead researcher on a project that has re-introd

Materials Science

MSI PI Jian-Ping Wang (Electrical and Computer Engineering) will be the director of a new center that will focus on novel materials fo


Recent research by MSI PI Dan Knights  (associate professor, Computer Science and Engineering;


Assistant Professor Tim Kowalewski and Associate Professor James Van de Ven, MSI PIs in the Department o

Ecology and Environment

A study just published in the prestigious journal Nature shows that tree growth in northern Minnesota’s forests will slow down as the climate warms.