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Tutorial Details: Array-based Genotyping

Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 01:00 pm - 03:00 pm
Location: 402 Walter
Instructor(s): Wayne Xu, MSI

Genotyping refers to the process of determining the genotype of an individual by sequence information. There are different platform technologies for genotyping. Array-based genotyping includes Affymetrix GeneChip platform, Illumna beadsArray platform, and Sequenom MassARRAY platform, etc.

This tutorial will compare the different platforms in technical design and in application. We will also demonstrate the software Affymetrix Genotyping Consoleā„¢ (GTC) Software, Illumina GenomeStudio, and Sequenom TyperAnalyzer by using sample data.

Level: Introductory
Prerequisites: None