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Tutorial Details: Fortran 90 for Fortran 77 Programmers

Date: Thursday, December 2, 2004, 01:00 pm - 03:00 pm
Location: 402 Walter
Instructor(s): Hakizumwami Birali Runesha, MSI

Fortran is still the preferred programming language for scientific and technical computations. Fortran 90/95 has many new features that make it a modern and robust language for numerical programming. In addition to providing many new language constructs, it contains Fortran 77 as a subset.

This tutorial will highlight the drawbacks of Fortran 77 and the various aspects of Fortran 77 that have been labeled as obsolete and will possibly be removed from future Fortran Standards. The tutorial will introduce Fortran 90/95 features and will cover the transition from the programming language Fortran 77 to the more modern Fortran 90/95.

The tutorial is aimed at Fortran 77 programmers who require an understanding of the principles and new features of Fortran 90/95.

Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Fortran 77