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Tutorial Details: GeneData Expressionist Vendor Workshop Session 3: Refiner Genome

Date: Tuesday, August 9, 2011, 01:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Location: 402 Walter
Instructor(s): Nadim Jessani, Genedata, Susan Glass, Genedata

Genedata provides a suite of powerful tools for the analysis, integration, visualization, and interpretation of experimental data in life science R&D. Genedata will conduct a 3-session, on-site training for the Genedata Analyst module with a focus on expression data, as well as integrating across data types (e.g., microarray, mass spectrometry, qPCR and associated metadata). The training will also provide an overview of the Genedata Refiner Genome module for next-generation sequencing data.

Genedata Refiner Genome allows users to process, analyze, and visualize massive amounts of data in the context of genomic positions. All major technologies are supported, such as next-generation sequencing and high-density microarrays (e.g., RNA expression, gene regulation, DNA methylation, SNP analysis, copy number variation, etc.), and data are visualized with a genomic browser capable of displaying terabytes of data. Genedata will train users on genomic data processing in Refiner Genome, including data pre-processing; combining data from different technology platforms; performing genomic position dependent analyses; creating new genomic or sequence annotations; and condensing data to selected genomic features.

Level: Introductory
Prerequisites: None