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Tutorial Registration: iTRAQ Quantitation Using ProteinPilot Within Galaxy-P

Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 01:00 pm - 03:00 pm
Location: Webcast

ProteinPilot™ is a proteomics software program used for analysis of peptide tandem mass spectrometry data and for relative quantification of proteins using the iTRAQ® technology and other modes of stable isotope labeling. Raw data acquired on a mass spectrometer such as Orbitrap-Velos is searched against protein sequence databases; the Paragon scoring algorithm provides confidence levels for protein hits, and the ProGroup algorithm tool (PMID: 17533153) groups related and homologous proteins.The tutorial will include an introduction to the software followed by iTRAQ® Data analysis workflow and FDR analysis overviews within Galaxy-P.

This tutorial is a webcast utilizing UMConnect. Please register as usual. Registered users will receive meeting information by email within 24 hours of the start date. Please visit to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements necessary to participate in this webinar.

Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Knowledge of proteomics
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