MSI Users Bulletin - September 2016

The Users Bulletin provides a summary of new policies, procedures, and events of interest to MSI users. It is published quarterly.

To request technical assistance with your MSI account, please contact

1. Accounts for Non-UMN MSI Users: MSI is transitioning from using sponsored accounts for non-UMN affiliated users to a “Person of Interest (POI)” designation. This change will create a greater level of security for accounts.

MSI is no longer accepting sponsored accounts as valid UMN Internet IDs for new users. As of January 1, 2017, sponsored accounts will no longer be allowed to log in to MSI resources. PI groups who have users with sponsored accounts must convert the accounts to POI. PI groups will need to get POI status for any external user they wish to add to their group. See the FAQ for more information.

The MSI Tech Support staff ( will assist non-University affiliated PIs with creating POIs. University-affiliated PIs are authorized to set up POIs with the University.

2. High Performance Storage (Panasas) Expansion:  MSI staff and Panasas expanded the Panasas high-performance storage system on September 7, 2016. Ten new AS20 shelves with 10 TB drives, expanded SSDs, and improved director blades will replace ten of the original AS14 storage shelves. In net, the high-performance storage system capacity will expand by 1 PB to a total of 4.5 PB.    

3. Overclocked Returned to Interactive Lab Queue Resources: MSI has worked with the vendor, LiquidCool Solutions, to return the four Overclocked nodes to the interactive queue. The processors and GPUs have been upgraded to the Intel Xeon 5698/4.4GHz and Nvidia Tesla M2090s. The nodes each have 2 physical cores, 24 GB of memory, and 2 x 120 GB SSDs. The nodes are available via the oc queue.  

4. Annual Account Renewal Deadline, December 1: The deadline for annual MSI account renewals is December 1. PIs and Group Administrators will receive email notification when the renewal period is open, which will be on or about November 1. Renewals are submitted using the myMSI portal. Renewal by December 1 ensures continued MSI access through the following calendar year.

5. MSI Beta: MSI’s website now includes a page that describes projects that are part of our MSI Beta program. MSI Beta is a way for MSI staff and users to explore new technologies without hindering ongoing research. Instructions for participating in these programs can be found on the page.

6. Research Ethics: The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) has launched a University-wide research ethics campaign. This campaign is intended to emphasize our collective responsibility to uphold the highest ethical standards. An article appears in the OVPR’s Inquiry blog that describes the campaign and upcoming symposiums and other events concerning research ethics.

OVPR also maintains a Research Ethics webpage.

7. Fall Tutorials: The list of upcoming tutorials for the fall has been posted on the MSI website. See the list on the MSI website.

8. Job Available at MSI:

a. Biological Mass Spectrometry Analyst

9. Useful Webpages: Looking for help with using MSI? One of these pages may have the information you need:

a. Services available at MSI

b. Getting Started (includes Quickstart Guides)

c. MSI Systems

d. Help and Documentation

e. Staff Listing and Areas of Expertise

f. Upcoming Events and Tutorials

g. Proposal Support