Anne-Françoise Lamblin, Ph.D.

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Administrative Staff
Program Director
413 Walter Library
UMN Email:
(612) 625-7414

Anne-Françoise leads the Institute efforts in interdisciplinary informatics and contributes to the development of strategic vision and collaborations.  The Research Informatics Support Systems (RISS) program developed under her leadership assists researchers with the application of informatics and computational methods as part of their research programs.

Anne-Françoise earned a Maitrise (B.Sc.) in Biochemistry and Biophysics in 1988 in France and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 1993 from the University of Minnesota studying regulation of gene expression.  After a postdoctoral fellowship studying the regulation of cell death in Drosophila at MIT she returned to the University of Minnesota and joined the Center for Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics where she worked with software application developers and led the development of analytical tools and integrated resources for plant genomics research.  In 2004 she briefly joined the University Cancer bioinformatics shared resource and from 2006 to 2008 moved to Arlington, VA to join the National Science Foundation as visiting Program Director in the Division of Biological Infrastructure, Plant Genome Research Program. In 2009 she joined the University of Minnesota Office of the Vice President for Research team to assist with informatics strategy and coordination planning and the development of the RISS program.  In 2010 with an award from the MN partnership she led the implementation of the Galaxy application workbench at MSI as an enterprise resource to support the university genomics research.  In 2011 she joined the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute to implement the RISS program and today serves as its program director.


Current projects
  • Galaxy genomics workbench (MN partnership)
  • Galaxy proteomics workbench (NSF)
  • Resurrecting ancient lives - data mining of ancient papyri (NEH)


Area of development
  • Graph analytics  (Big Data analysis)
  • Proteogenomics


  • Interdisciplinary informatics evangelist
  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative research proposal – development and assistance
  • Bridging translational and clinical research


  • Applied bioinformatics
  • Integrated informatics infrastructure strategic planning and design
  • Interdisciplinary informatics research project development and management
  • Federal scientific program administration
  • Life sciences