Math & Science Family Fun Fair at the University of Minnesota

Coffman Memorial Union, November 13, 2010

“How Computers Work and Help Scientists in Their Research at the University of Minnesota”
Presented by the University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute
Location: Great Hall

See first-hand how computers play a key role in all fields of research at the University of Minnesota. In this exhibit you will learn how computers work and how scientists used computers to advance scientific knowledge. Explore how computers are used in Life Sciences in “Computers for Cures.”

Daniel Sosa preparing the laptops Yectli, Maya, and Daniel getting all the demos ready
Everybody hard at work Samantha showing how to build ethanol with GaussView
Kids had a chance to experiment with the equipment Daniel explains how computers are used for simulations
Our 3-D display is always very popular Yectli showing how to build ethanol with chemistry models
Yes, Goldie heard about the event Goldie interviewed for membership in the Dream Team
Ben Lynch's movie on display and 3-D Hemoglobin Between the sun and Hemoglobin there is Maya busy at work
Wow! this is cool!! Father and son look familiar...
Yes! the Jagtap family and the Vestrum family (not pictured) came These are some of the computers and projects at MSI
A well deserved rest for Yectli Daniel's station: cool 3-D display
The Dream Team in action We all made new friends

Our acknowledgements for their assistance and support:


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