University of Minnesota Participation at Amantes de la Ciencia event at the Science Museum

Saint Paul, Minnesota, April 25, 2009

Moments before the event ...  
SciMu2009_1 SciMu2009_2
Daniel Sosa and Yectli Huerta at the Science Museum Daniel and Yectli relaxing prior to the event
SciMu2009_27 SciMu2009_4
Daniel Sosa and Carlos P Sosa River boat
Let the event commence ...  
SciMu2009_5 SciMu2009_6
Paul Mohrbacher giving the opening remarks Everybody worked hard
SciMu2009_7 SciMu2009_8
Prof. Ellis setting up the booth on Clean-up the environment Daniel and Yectli testing the equipment
SciMu2009_9 SciMu2009_10
Nice! 3D display Prof. Ellis checking the 3D display
SciMu2009_11 SciMu2009_12
Prof. Ellis and Daniel busy building molecules Ignore the label, the molecules were delicious
SciMu2009_13 SciMu2009_14
This is how you build Carbon atoms Parents also learned about hydrocarbons
SciMu2009_15 SciMu2009_16
Yectli hard at work Parents got involved and enjoyed seeing 3D molecules
SciMu2009_17 SciMu2009_18
Parents and children interacting with Prof Ellis and Daniel Yectli showing how to visualize molecules in 3D
SciMu2009_19 SciMu2009_20
IT and outreach program booth: Robotic arm The Department of Chemistry attended this event
SciMu2009_21 SciMu2009_22
Prof Arriaga and team Prof Arriaga's team hard at work
SciMu2009_23 SciMu2009_24
Children and parents experienced molecules in silico Children and parents experienced molecules in vivo
SciMu2009_25 SciMu2009_26
Parents had a chance to take our brochures End of a job well done!

Our acknowledgements for their assistance and support:


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