Amantes de la Ciencia Event at the Science Museum in St Paul

Science Museum Saint Paul, MN, January 29, 2011

“Minnesota Supercomputing Institute: An Exhibition From Circuit Boards to Amazing Molecules in 3-D ”

Location: Level 4 Science Museum

See first-hand how computers play a key role in all fields of research at the University of Minnesota. Learn how computers are used in Life Sciences in Computers for cures. Build a molecule with molecular models and then use a Graphical Interface to build the same molecule on a laptop. See Hemoglobin in 3-D. Hemoglobin gives the red color and transports oxygen from the lungs to the tissues in the body.

Amy, Lynda and Munir enjoying a delicious brunch Many volunteers participated in the event
Paul from the Science Museum addressing all volunteers Lynda Ellis told us about Clean Up the Environment Naturally
Munir introducing the MSI display Recipients of the High School "Good Job Award"
Daniel was asked to test his mathematical skills Samantha and Munir setting up the MSI display
Daniel setting up GaussView and Chimera to display molecules Munir showing how to build ethanol. Sorry! no gumdrops
Yes! we have gumdrops, clean the environment naturally Lynda Ellis stopped by to see the MSI display
Yes!! T-Rex was here, friendly variety Ben Lynch checking his movies while his son tests the circuits
The entire family enjoyed building molecules with GaussView Kids experienced using GaussView courtesy of Gaussian, Inc
Daniel as part of Lynda Ellis' team as well Yectli showing Step 1: use simple plastic models to build ethanol
This is how lasers work: Edgar Arriaga's team members (Chem) U of M Medial School was in full force
Looking through the microscope, SMS Science House Dream Team: Daniel, Samantha, Munir, Carlos, and Yectli

Our acknowledgements for their assistance and support:


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