Amantes de la Ciencia Event at the Science Museum in St Paul

Science Museum Saint Paul, MN, January 28, 2012

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“Minnesota Supercomputing Institute: An Exhibition From Circuit Boards to Amazing Molecules in 3-D ”

Location: Level 4 Science Museum

See first-hand how computers play a key role in all fields of research at the University of Minnesota. Learn how computers are used in Life Sciences in Computers for cures. Build a molecule with molecular models and then use a Graphical Interface to build the same molecule on a laptop. See Hemoglobin in 3-D. Hemoglobin gives the red color and transports oxygen from the lungs to the tissues in the body.

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Dream Team loading Munir's car to move equipment Navigating the Science Museum with all the equipment
SC_3 SC_4
Chemistry setting up Daniel ready for the visitors
SC_5 SC_6
Dream Team enjoying a well deserved brunch Lynda and Carol also enjoyed the brunch
SC_7 SC_8
From Chemistry: Edgar Arriaga and team Paul Morbacher gave us an inspirational introduction
SC_9 SC_10
Daniel gets a thank you card. Now off to college Daniel, Yectli and Munir at work
SC_11 SC_12
Daniel testing GaussView and Chimera "This is how you use GaussView"
SC_13 SC_14
Munir, our master builder Lynch family building yummy molecular surfaces
SC_15 SC_16
Great success building NaCl surface Yectli attracted crowds and taught them how to build surfaces
SC_17 SC_18
Working behind the scenes, Daniel busy getting material ready Lynda Ellis visited the MSI booth
SC_19 SC_20
The master bulder in action dazzling kids Lynda's team hard at work
SC_21 SC_22
U of Minnesota Medical School in full force Kids proudly displayed their creations
SC_23 SC_24
Lynda taught kids how to have fun building molecules Thanks to the Donalson company for sponsoring this great event
SC_25 SC_26
Nancy Rowe's graphics impressed kids and parents Samantha and Munir at work
SC_27 SC_28
Daniel dazzling kids showing molecules in 3-D Maya doing calculations to build the NaCl surface
SC_29 SC_30
Samantha showing Maya molecules in 3-D Maya in the middle of all the action
SC_31 SC_32
Dream Team: Daniel, Carlos, Yectli, Munir, Samantha and Maya Relaxing after a job well done

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