About the Helpdesk

The helpdesk is here to answer any questions you may have about MSI services.  Please submit a ticket detailing your question or issue and one of our experts will get back to you in a timely manner.  Please check our System Status app for system outages before submitting a ticket about loss of service.

NOTE: During the U of M's reduced operations status due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no walk-in or phone-in assistance is available. Please contact the Helpdesk using the "How to Submit a Ticket" or "How to Request a Video Consultation" links below, or by emailing

Check System Status

You can check the live status of the various systems MSI offers here 

System Status

Helpdesk Location

The MSI helpdesk is located at 587 Walter Library, 117 Pleasant St SE Minneapolis MN 55455

The phoneline for the helpdesk is (612) 626-0802

NOTE: The helpdesk and phone lines are not open during reduced operations for the COVID-19 pandemic

Helpdesk Hours

The helpdesk is staffed Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm CT

How to Submit a Ticket

You can submit a helpdesk ticket by filling out the form here

Submit a Helpdesk Ticket


How to Schedule a Video Consultation 

You can schedule a video consultation through Zoom, as well as view the current consultation openings here

Schedule a video consultation

Alternatively, you can send an email to to create a ticket.