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Software Available at MSI

Browse our list of software offerings and learn how to access specific software. If the software you need isn't on our list, you can install it on your home directory, with our help. If there is software that you think would have wide use, fill out an application to have it installed system wide. 



Understanding how to submit computational jobs to queues is the first step towards using MSI systems. Mesabi, Itasca, and Lab each have a unique set of queues. Knowing the limits of each queue will help you select the correct system for your computational needs. 

Training & Tutorials

MSI Tutorials

MSI staff hosts many tutorials throughout the year. Topics range from basic computation skills to application and field specific topics. Browse current and past tutorials and access the training materials. Attend tutorials in-person, or remotely using WebEx. Links for remote participation will be posted on tutorial registration pages.

System Status

System Status

Having trouble accessing MSI systems? Click the button below to see if there is a known maintenance issue.

A link to the System Status page also appears at the top left of MSI webpages.