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Introduction to Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI)

This tutorial is geared to new MSI users and will provide a highlevel introduction to the facilities and computational resources at MSI.

Introduction to Linux

This tutorial will provide an introduction to the Linux operating system, with particular attention paid to working from the command line

Interactive Computing

This two part tutorial will introduce you to the concept of interactive high performance computing, and provide attendees hands-on experience running interactive parallel jobs on the Mesabi HPC 

Data Storage Systems and Data Analysis Workflows for Research

In this tutorial you will learn about the data storage systems available for academic research at the University of Minnesota


This tutorial provides an introduction on how to write a parallel program using MPI and will help researchers write better and portable parallel codes for distributed-memory Linux clusters

Programming with Python

Introduction to fundamentals of programming using the python language.

Basics of RNA-Seq Data Analysis - Lecture

This lecture will cover the basics of RNA-Seq experimental design and data quality assessment, followed by an overview of data analysis for the detection of differentally expressed genes.

Hands-on tutorial on RNA-Seq analysis using CHURP

This Hands-on tutorial will cover a standard RNA-Seq analysis using RIS pipeline CHURP 

Compiling and Debugging

This tutorial will help users learn the basics of compiling and debugging their code on MSI systems

Introduction to Deep Learning with Caffe and Tensorflow

In this tutorial, MSI and Nvidia instructors will walk through an interactive exercise running programs such as Caffe and Tensorflow.

Getting started with XSEDE resources

This hands-on tutorial will introduce MSI researchers to multiple XSEDE resources.

Version Control with Git

This tutorial will cover the basics of version control using git and github

Interacting with dbGaP data on Stratus

This tutorial introduces Stratus to users who wish to process dbGaP data at MSI

Singularity & Containers

This course will introduce users to containers and provide hands-on experience running both interactively and within batch scheduled jobs.

Rna-Seq Analysis

This tutorial covers the basics of differential expression analysis and touches on other RNA-seq topics such as transcriptome assembly.